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Code Sharing

by Evan Callahan on May 12th, 2010

If you follow the new projects on Code Share, you may have noticed that Groundwire has posted several open-source projects there. Since Salesforce created the Code Share site a year and a half ago, I’ve benefited from a lot of great sample code posted there.  I had always hoped to participate in projects or share code of my own.

My colleagues and I have recently been able to find the time to post a few projects, and we hope to share more over time. (See my post on the Groundwire blog about why we like to share our code.)  I have already learned a lot in the process of putting these together, and it is getting easier each time.

One thing that I notice about Code Share, however, is that the promise of open-source collaboration doesn’t really seem to be taking hold. Very few projects have more than one contributor, and none have caught on as a place for community collaboration.  If you have ideas or code to contribute to one of Groundwire’s projects, please let us know and we’ll grant you access; or, if you have a project that would benefit from collaboration, especially one that would be helpful to nonprofits, let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

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