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Combine campaigns and exclude members with our new Campaign Combiner

by Dave Manelski on April 5th, 2010

Campaigns in Salesforce offer many powerful features, and we encourage our nonprofit clients to use them for all sorts of things:  email outreach lists, mailings, event participants, lists of people taking part in activism, and so on.  We love the way that Campaigns allow you to add people from multiple lists or reports without ever adding the same contact more than once.

As users become more sophisticated in their use of Campaigns, they inevitably ask us for something that Campaigns can’t do: exclude or remove a specific set of campaign members while adding others.  For example, suppose you send out a series of three emails to a large set of contacts by adding them to three different campaigns.  Now you want to send something to the same list as the first and second email, except that you want to exclude the people who were part of the third campaign – this new message doesn’t apply to them.  Salesforce has no way of helping you do this; you would have to manually remove the members from the campaign one by one.  (Groundwire is not alone in noticing the need for this capability, by the way.  Search for “campaign remove” on the Salesforce IdeaExchange and you’ll find  three different versions of this same request.)

To meet this need, my colleague Evan Callahan put together a flexible Visualforce interface called the Campaign Combiner. It allows you to add campaign members from multiple campaigns into a target campaign, or simultaneously exclude members who belong to multiple campaigns. Here is a video that shows it in action:

We think this is a really useful tool, so we’ve made it freely available from the AppExchange.  It is a “private” listing – to find it, go to the Campaign Combiner page on Code Share, and then click Install.  If you are an Apex developer, you may want to review the source code you’ll find there as well.

At Groundwire, we are on a mission to get affordable and innovative online tools and strategies into the hands of organizations building a sustainable world. Read more about our plans at, and keep an eye out on the Code Share site for other nonprofit-friendly tools in the near future.

  1. Awesome stuff! This makes complex marketing queries possible. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Steve! It’s something almost every nonprofit asks for at some point in time, if they’re actively using campaigns to track outreach.

  3. Geraldine Gray permalink

    Wonderful! This is going to be really useful and I can already think of a client who will use it.

    Questions (because you know the client is going to ask . . .) (i) is there a limit to the number of campaigns you can select to include/exclude from the combined new campaign and (ii) is there a limit to the number of members per campaign?

    Thank you.

  4. Sonny Cloward permalink

    This is awesome…THANK YOU!

  5. Thanks Sonny and Geraldine!

    To answer your questions, there are no limits to the number of campaigns or the number of members. This code was designed to take advantage of batch apex to get around those pesky limits!

  6. Awesome work guys! Great functionality and greatly appreciated that the source code is available for modification/review.

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